Inspiration Courtesy of Padlet

imagesAfter reading Sheena’s post Exploring Padlet , I was really interested in exploring this app a little more. I had been thinking about how Pinterest could be used at the start of a Theater project as a way to make an online inspiration board where students could group quality resources and comment on their usefulness. I like that there was slightly more flexibility in the way a Padlet board can be set up and I also really liked the feature where a board can be embedded into another site (except for WordPress at school without uploading the plugin via IT). Since my students have a Google site as their main workbook, I felt this really worked in well because it could be integrated more seamlessly.

I experimented with making a board for class and found out that it was a particularly useful way to group together online annotations I have been making in Diigo. I am also thinking these might be a nice way to make a self study board for technical and production roles in theater. Each unit students swap tech role, so although I do an introduction to theories surrounding lighting, sound, direction and costume at the start of the year, it is only when students start the role that they begin to learn more practical skills.

Click here to see my first padlet!


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